with guest teachers

We will invite guest teachers to lecture on a range of subjects, workshops will take place once a week.




Koby says...'I am an American yoga, acroyoga, meditation and laughter yoga teacher, nature lover, sports enthusiast, writer and travel junkie who has held nearly every role in the yoga world from student to teacher and studio cleaner to festival organiser.

My history with yoga and meditation is a humble one, but one that has centered around the Bodhisattva vow. In all interactions I work to honor this commitment with the goal of helping others to remove the obscurations blocking their realization of the infinite joy, perfection and equanimity that resides within them and around all of us. The idea is that the world, life and ourselves are already perfect we just need to reprogram our mind and eliminate the layers of ideas, identities, stories and preconceptions that block us from seeing this.

My approach to yoga is holistic, touching all 8 branches, as well as incorporating my background in buddhist meditation and psychology and mixing in a heaping dose of my relaxed personality and love of laughter.  Namaste



Jess has been teaching Yin for 10 years under the direction of Bernie Clarke.


Furthering her studies in yogic philosophy, massage, ayurveda and buddhist studies, Jess has taken the essence of these teachings and developed a style of yin teaching designed to shift and challenge the practitioner to deepen their experience of yoga.


Through her numerous workshops and immersions, she has ascertained a diverse and extensive portfolio of Yin knowledge and now dedicates much of her practice and trainings towards a Yin style that facilitates transformation and deep healing.