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Teacher training often takes us into a discussion of Dharma, this beautiful sanskrit word that is beyond succinct translation into English;

Destiny, essence, duty, pathway all spring to mind. I think of dharma as that one thing it would be criminal for you not to share with the world. 


I really believe that in finding yoga teacher training, I found my own dharma- that thing which i must do above all other things, the job that never really feels like work, because it is so rich and diverse and so, deeply fulfilling.


Every student begins their journey with trepidation, we never really know if we have it in us to follow our dreams of becoming a yoga teacher.  I certainly didn't know if i had the courage and strength and knowledge to teach teachers, but every course, every group is in fact a sharing of information, I give information about yoga and the students come with their own stories and unique set of experiences and we join together to create a melting pot of learning, support and joy. Each group a family, deeply enriched by their shared experience in the shadow of Mont Blanc.

Yoga is that which gives us space, the magic in between the breath, the quiet moments when you think 'aha..! This is what it all means' Above all yoga teaches us that in every moment, we are perfect just as we are.

The joy of being able to share this one simple message with my students is everything.  

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