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Upcoming Teacher Trainings 

September 20th - October 14th 2020 - Fully Booked

November 1st -24th 2020- NEW COURSE 200hr YINYANG YOGA TRAINING - Fully Booked 

April 25th - May 18th 2021 - Vinyasa Training

June 6th - 29th 2021 - YinYang Training

September 19th - October 13th 2021 Vinyasa Training

October 31st - November 24th 2021 YinYang Training

All held in Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

Fully Yoga Alliance accredited (200hr RYT)

Almost everybody sits on the mat on day one and questions whether or not they have it in them to become teachers. What has struck me most profoundly during past teacher training courses is the ability and willingness for complete transformation. I watch people blossom before my eyes, they inhabit a space that they hadn’t previously thought possible and they draw on incredible reserves of resilience in order to keep growing, keep learning and keep striving to do the very best they can.

What I tell my students on day one is that that completing this course is actually just the beginning. Yes you can go out and teach, but what you really have is a licence to begin the journey to becoming a true teacher.

It takes courage and dedication to choose to change your life and it takes hard work and experience to become an accomplished teacher.

The time spent on the course encourages people to find their own voice, to learn and make mistakes in a safe environment.

Paying a fee does not guarantee a pass, students are expected to work hard, to study and most importantly to improve.

Some of the key modules we will cover on the course are listed below;

Teaching philosophy;

  • what makes a good teacher

  • how can we respond to students with empathy whilst still protecting ourselves

  • holding the space

  • making everybody feel welcome/ being inclusive

  • teaching from the heart

  • authenticity

  • finding our voice

  • honouring the body

  • staying calm

Teaching practice;

We will begin teaching practice from week 1. The aim of this course is to provide a safe environment for students to grow at their own pace. Until the final assessment – teaching practice will not be judged or marked – though feedback will be given.  The aim is not to be a perfect teacher from day one – but to have the space and encouragement to find your own voice and teaching style.

There will be a final, practical assessment in week 4

Hands on adjusts;

A yoga practice is about so much more than just the poses.  Hands on adjustments can allow a student to feel both safe and supported. The relationship between student and teacher requires trust, empathy and mutual respect. Through daily workshops incorporating hands on adjusts, other kinds of touch and how to adjust a student verbally we will empower each future teacher to deal with any real life class situation that arises.

Meditation and pranayama;

There will be twice daily meditation sessions during the course. We will begin with sitting for around 10 minutes morning and evening and by the end of the course students will be able to sit for 30 minutes straight. We will explore different techniques in meditation so that each student is able to find a technique that best works for them.

Pranayama sessions will be every morning after practice. We will go through a number of different breathing techniques so that by the end of the course students will be able to choreograph their own self practice and teach basic pranayama to students.

Adapting a practice;

Yoga teaches us to be inclusive. With yoga growing in popularity all the time, we are starting to see a bigger variation in the level of students knowledge, body types, injuries and speciality yoga – such as yoga for pregnancy.  We will explore the ways in which we can teach an open level class keeping all different types of students both safe and happy.  We will also extend this module to include modifying your own self practice in accordance with your needs.

Empathy and compassion;

As with Love, we cannot truly show our students compassion and empathy until we learn how to first show it to ourselves. We will explore the ways in which a constant negative internal dialogue can impede our spiritual and individual growth and learn tools for developing our own sense of empathy.

The Mariza Yoga vison;

Authenticity, empathy and compassion


Small, personal groups with lots of individual attention

Space to learn, grow, transform

Peaceful setting, in touch with nature

Teaching practice from day 1

Personal projects on subjects you choose.

The next Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings from Mariza Yoga will take place on the following dates

1. April 25th - May 18th 2021

2. September 19th - October 14th 2021


Our next Yin Yang trainings are held in June and November 2021

Both courses are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance and account for 200 hours of training


It is fully residential but does not include food.

Classes will be held in the chalet on a six days on, one day off basis. 

We will be inviting guest teachers to lecture on a range of subjects, workshops will take place once a week.

Workshops may change but will likely be;

Koby Boley - Acro Yoga workshop

Koby says...'I am an American yoga, acroyoga, meditation and laughter yoga teacher, nature lover, sports enthusiast, writer and travel junkie who has held nearly every role in the yoga world from student to teacher and studio cleaner to festival organiser.

My history with yoga and meditation is a humble one, but one that has centered around the Bodhisattva vow. In all interactions I work to honor this commitment with the goal of helping others to remove the obscurations blocking their realization of the infinite joy, perfection and equanimity that resides within them and around all of us. The idea is that the world, life and ourselves are already perfect we just need to reprogram our mind and eliminate the layers of ideas, identities, stories and preconceptions that block us from seeing this.

My approach to yoga is holistic, touching all 8 branches, as well as incorporating my background in buddhist meditation and psychology and mixing in a heaping dose of my relaxed personality and love of laughter. 

Sarah Kekus - The Health Architect

Sarah is a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher based in the Lake District in England and is also the founder of The Health Architect - a consultancy offering tailored, evidence-based, nutritional healing in addition to lifestyle coaching to promote physical health and emotional balance. Yoga classes, workshops, private tuition and retreats are also offered by Sarah who is "on a mission" to inspire others to be the best they can be - enjoying optimum health and fitness! Sarah has practised yoga since she was teenager, initially to help with "pushing" her rock climbing grades. But when she started practising Ashtanga she really fell in love with the peace and headspace that can come from a powerful practise linking breath with
continuous flowing movement.
She, initially undertook a 200 hour Ashtanga training before starting to specialise in yoga for sports. Starting with an "Embodied Dancer" training with Abby Hoffmann and then going on to complete a "Yoga for Sport" training with Sarah Ramsden, who coaches yoga to Manchester United and Manchester City football players. Sarah's own love of mountain activities has led her to designing specific programmes to support trail runners, cyclists, climbers, skiers and triathletes. In addition she has completed an intensive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson and attended "immersions" and retreats with Claire Missingham, Kino Macgregor and Laruga Glaser.



A sample daily schedule is as follows, please note this is only a guide and may change;

Monday - Saturday

9-11 am - Meditation, Pranayama and asana Practice, Mysore style  - mariza yoga vinyasa

11-11.40 break

11.40 - 12.35 Asana theory

12.40 - 13.35 Philosphy/anatomy/teaching methods/practice

13.40 - 14.20 Adjusting

14.20 - 15.00 Teaching practice

15.00 - 16.30 break / study time.

16.30-17.00 Asana workshop

17.00- 17.45 philosophy/anatomy/questions

17.45- 19.15 Asana practice and evening meditation

There will be one day off each week to rest and explore Chamonix 

To be eligible for the course, students must have a minimum of 18 months consistent practice.  We may ask for a short, simple video of your practice (iphones and webcams are fine).   

The course fee is dependent on which kind of room you choose - prices below. £500 is required to secure your place on the course. The course will run with a maximum of 18 to ensure students get individual attention and a high level of personal care.

Accommodation is in the beautiful Gare Des Glaciers, at the foot of the Bossons Glacier.

Shared mezzanine room - 3 people, £2000

Shared triple room - £2150

Shared small twin - £2350

Shared large twin - £2500

Single room, double bed - £2700

Private apartment from £3000

The price of teaching with no accommodation is £1750

Please contact me directly at with any questions or to book your place 

Here's what past students had to say;

"Transformative, Intimate"
TT with Mariza is not only about learning Asana and how to teach yoga, it is far beyond that  - for me it was an initiation to learning to live my yoga. Mariza is incredibly patient and compassionate which makes you feel secure and safe in challenging situations and gives you space to grow and learn at your own pace
-Tanya, May 2014 graduate


"you won't ever want to leave..."

Mariza is a wonderful teacher. She taught us so much and gave us useful tools and tips from her personal experience in addition to all the knowledge. I also loved the workshops on Fridays! It's a challenging experience, due to the short time we have to learn everything but it is so worth it! Mariza was really aware of that and created a safe environment, she made sure we were fine and was there for us the whole time. What I also really liked about her is that she never pushed her opinions onto us about what is right or wrong but let the door open for us to chose what we believe. This is the kind of life experience that changes you. You are going to learn about yourself, and grow a lot. I am personnally a lot more confident and I am ready to work for what I love. I almost forgot to mention how beautiful the chalet is and the view from the shala!! Outstanding. Go for it, you will learn so much, you will grow, cry, laugh, make friends and you won't ever want to leave. 


I think I chose this retreat mainly for the view of the mountains and just crossed my fingers that the rest would be just as amazing - and it was! Mariza is a really inspiring, down to earth, kind and funny person and a great teacher. Every posture was explained clearly, and in a way that made sense according to the bodys anatomy, with modifications and demonstrations if needed, and she always made us feel safe and encouraged. We slowly started teaching since the first week, which was really great practice. The workshops on Friday were all amazing, fun and very helpful. Everything about this teacher training was great and I think it is a life-changing experience even when the changes integrate slowly. I am very happy and grateful I got to share it with such inspiring people.

Monica - October 2015 graduate


I also wanted to say again with some distance how much I am grateful for your teaching. I feel blessed now. I have this ultimate feeling of "I am  exactly where I need to be / where I belong". You have been so kind, smart and inspiring. I will never thank you enough. I understand that it's only the beginning of the journey and thanks to you (and all these fantastic ladies I met during TT) I am so willing to follow the path... I'm in tears right now but it is such good tears :) 

I hope to see you soon.

GeGe 2016


We have all changed so much - it's been incredible and Mariza was an amazing guide through this unique physical and spiritual journey - thank you.
Fleur - October 2015 

"Deeply fulfilling"
After years of injury, I found my body opening up and found with it ways of opening my head as well. The philosophical side of yoga had areas I found interesting from an academic point of view initially, but the way that Mariza drew these subjects back to anatomy, to the science of breathing and the various biological systems of the brain and body, I found absolutely fascinating.
-Mara, September 2014 graduate

I loved gaining experience in teaching yoga, knowing I could put this skill to use in my daily life leading treks and expeditions. I also loved the ways I could use the tools of mindful breathing and even some meditation techniques in daily life, just dealing with everyday stresses and burnout.
-Lindsey, September 2014 graduate


I feel very very happy that I did the TT and have lots of butterflys in my stomach whenever I think about it - Thank you! 
I am so motivated now to learn more and more about the body and soul... Lets see where it takes us all..."

-Zoe, October 2015 graduate

Please take a moment to read our following terms and conditions regarding payment;

A deposit of £500 is due at the time of booking and to confirm your space on the course. 

Deposits are refundable up to 75 days before the start of the course, less a £75 administration fee. Within 75 days, the deposit may be transferred to a future course, but no refunds will be given.


Payment remainders are due 75 days before the start of the course. 


Please note that no refunds will be given once the course has begun. 

With love...

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